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Founded in 2007, Red Top Swim was created by two swimmers with two very different backgrounds. Former Olympian and World Masters Champion Peter Prijdekker had a vision in which Channel Swimmer and open water specialist Tim Denyer would play a major part.

This vision was unique, yet simple: 2 coaches, 1 on pool-deck and 1 in the water. This would have 2 advantages. Firstly, technical drills could be explained and then actually demonstrated in the water. Secondly, swimmers could be coached from both above and below the water-line – analysis, correction, encouragement.

This vision became reality and remains an integral part of their training methods today. Underwater filming with a portable camera has now taken it a step further – the ability to record, analyse, compare and explain.

Today, new, outstanding coaches have been brought into the team, all of whom have accomplished major swimming accolades. Adult group sessions are coached across several pools in London where swimmers range hugely in terms of abilities and aims; each course is tailored to individually cater for these different criteria. Fitness swimmers, triathletes, Ironman athletes, open water swimmers and even Channel swimmers have all achieved their personal goals after completing their courses with Red Top Swim. In fact, many sign up again to continue their development onto the next level, whatever that may be…

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Last updated 29th January 2017

London Fields Lido
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London Fields Lido

Photo by Ivan Newman 2010


For adults who want to swim more efficiently, be it for fun, for fitness or for racing.

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