Coaches: Jaime Forero

Jaime is a qualified swimming instructor with many years of experience coaching swimmers and triathletes of all levels. Jaime started competitive swimming in Bogota, Colombia at the age of thirteen, and competed at the highest level in Monofin swimming, representing his region throughout Colombia. He also competed in open water swimming races, specialising in long-distance.

Jaime graduated from Sergio Arboleda University in 2003 with a degree in Finance and International Trade and soon after moved to London where he started a career as a swimming teacher and coach. In 2007, he began developing the triathlon swimming club at the Reebok Sports Club in Canary Wharf and moved into coaching beginners through to advanced swimmers at National and European Masters levels in pool competitions. He now coaches triathletes at all levels, designing bespoke training programmes for those seeking to compete at Sprint, Olympic and Ironman distances.

Jaime joined Red Top Swim at the beginning of 2009 and now manages operations at the London Bridge pool where he still coaches on a regular basis. His focus is on stroke efficiency and technical development via specific drill work to directly improve performance. As well as coaching, Jaime remains an active open water swimmer in his own right and recently swam a 14 km solo event in the River Thames.


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Peter Prijdekker vs Bert Bergsma Aug 2009


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