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For adults who want to swim more efficiently, be it for fun, for fitness or for racing.


Courses: Introduction

Red Top Swim is for adults who want to swim more efficiently be it for fun, fitness or racing.

As long as you can swim a few lengths, regardless of your technique and speed, we will have a course that will suit your ability. You don't have to be able to swim all 4 strokes.

We run courses for 5 different abilities at Red Top Swim. Check out the course tabs and contact us to discuss your swimming experiences and expectations. We’ll then be able to help you decide which course will be most suitable for you.



8 different courses covering 5 different abilities


Unique group coaching approach: 1 coach on deck and 1 in the water


Underwater filming to identify weak areas of stroke

Open Water

Open water technique including: wetsuit swims, sighting, standing starts

Training Methods

Latest training methods researched, assessed and applied

Advanced Kit

Latest kit sourced and tested

Why swim with Red Top?

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The English Channel

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