Thurs 7pm - 8pm from 5th January to 27th April 2017

Sat 9am - 10am from 7th January to 29th April 2017

Sun 10am - 11am from 8th January to 30th April 2017


Thurs @ St Georges

Sat & Sun @ London Fields


Fins, swimmers snorkel & paddles (available to buy from us).

Suitable For:

Swimmers who can swim 200m in around 4:00mins but want to improve their technique and develop a better "feel for the water".

Courses: Advanced Development

Enhancing the aerobic power and capacity levels will be our primary focus although we will ensure that the technical skills will remain up to date from the hard work in the winter and spring. We’ll be targeting to maintain the quality of stroke whilst pace increases and therefore also inevitably fatigue. We will also be continuing the development of the other strokes. Doing more medley work will not only improve your personal ability to swim 3 other strokes (!) but additionally it will make your training more interesting, more demanding and also better for your body in terms of injury prevention. Perfecting both open and tumble turns will also be worked on to lead into stronger swimming and more efficient training.

Channel 6

The English Channel

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For adults who want to swim more efficiently, be it for fun, for fitness or for racing.

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