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Weds 8pm - 9pm from 4th January to 26th April 2017

Sat 10am - 11am from 7th January to 29th April 2017


Weds @ Mile End

Sat @ London Fields


Fins, swimmers snorkel & paddles (available to buy from us).

Suitable For:

Swimmers who can swim 200m freestyle in around 3:00 mins. May require some technical changes to their strokes but the main focus areas for increasing their velocity are strength and conditioning.

Courses: Conditioning

We’ve just completed another good block of training from January through to April where increases in speed over initially short distances and increasingly longer distances have been clear to see. In other words, we improved the speed and then developed the speed endurance. Technique is always of high importance, of course, but we can’t get permanently hung up on it – there comes a point where we have to park the focus from technique and move it onto conditioning. That is this term, the “race term” for many. That said, your individual coaches will still be pointing out specific areas of technical improvement to all of you; obviously we don’t want any technical areas to start to degrade. Additionally, there will be some drill work in the warm-ups, active recovery reps and cool downs. The majority of you are gearing up for openwater swims or triathlons this summer and therefore the coaching will be more directed towards longer distance swimming.

That said there is still a fair amount of sprint work but a significant emphasis on pacing through mid to long distances, being able to control pace through managing lactate levels. Additionally, we will be working on increasing and decreasing pace at will – as many swimmers would in a race scenario, ie. faster at the start, settle down into a good rhythm in the middle of the race, increase pace to overtake, go around buoys and come into the finish. There will also be a strong continuation of aerobic power work with anaerobic reps spiking your lactate levels at the appropriate times in the sessions and we will also be working on maintaining strength in the water, or more precisely power, through the use of paddles, bands, cords, parachutes and medley work.

For adults who want to swim more efficiently, be it for fun, for fitness or for racing.

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