Courses: Development

After a strong effort on technique through the autumn and winter period this course will continue into maintaining technical efficiency whilst increasing pace. Shorter, faster swims will be inter-mixed with a strong technical element.

The main points will be:

Whilst the course will be directed towards work on front crawl, basic drills and technique skills in the other three major strokes will also be used. Doing more medley work will not only improve your personal ability to swim 3 other strokes (!) but additionally it will make your training more interesting, more demanding and also better for your body in terms of injury prevention.

Snorkels, paddles, bolsters, bands, pullbuoys, fins and alignment kickboards will all be used at various times through the course.

Stroke analysis filming will also be carried out in the water using our SharkEye camera system. The main advantage of this is that you will be able to immediately see your errors (if any!) and act accordingly.

Channel 6

The English Channel

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For adults who want to swim more efficiently, be it for fun, for fitness or for racing.

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"When a back injury threw all sporting plans out of the window in March 2010 my exercise was limited to swimming only and a friend introduced me to Peter and Tim…”

Chris Howard, originally on Development Course but has progressed through to Advanced Development… Read more


Sun 10am - 11am from 8th January to 30th April 2017


Sun @ St Georges


Fins & swimmers snorkel (available to buy from us)

Suitable For:

Swimmers who can swim a few lengths but need technique changes to make those lengths smoother, easier on the lungs and ultimately more enjoyable!!!

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