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For adults who want to swim more efficiently, be it for fun, for fitness or for racing.

"After years of standing still with my swimming times I needed to do something radical..."

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The English Channel


Weds 7pm - 8pm from 4th January to 26th April 2017

Sun 9am - 10am from 8th January to 30th April 2017


Weds @ Mile End

Sun @ London Fields


Fins, swimmers snorkel & paddles (available to buy from us).

Suitable For:

Swimmers who can swim 200m freestyle in around 3:30 mins but require technical changes to their strokes as well as development of their conditioning.

Courses: Hybrid

This course will still contain many of the front crawl technique drills and training methods that we have explored through the past four months but the training cycle has now changed. We will be focusing hard on enhancing the aerobic power and capacity levels but will be sure to keep our eyes on the technical aspects refined from the winter and spring.


Similar to the Advanced Development drivers, this course will work to hold pace across longer distances whilst simultaneously maintaining form. In other words, this phase is focusing on developing our speed endurance for the duration of our race distances. Focusing on our ability to manage lactate levels and therefore control pace will be key. There will be a strong continuation of aerobic power work with anaerobic reps spiking your lactate levels at the appropriate times in the sessions and we will also be working on maintaining strength in the water, or more precisely power, through the use of paddles, bands, cords, parachutes and medley work.

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